Drumschool Stefan van de Brug

Popradar Den Haag

Burgemeester Hovylaan 12

2552AW, Den Haag


Tel: 06-24199795


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Welcome to the website for

Drumlessons & coaching


I started teaching in my parents shed when I was 15 years old and since 2010  I own my own drum school. Teaching has always been my greatest passion. "Drumming is fantastic, but teaching is even more fun!"

Drum lessons by professional teachers, who teach because they teach their passion, in one of the best drum schools in the Netherlands!

The lessons are given by Stefan van de Brug, Ivar de Graaf and Jonas Nieuwenbroek.

The TINYRHYTHMBOX is a set of cards with which unique musical patterns can be made. By combining cards, patterns are created with which endless rhythms, fills, melodies and exercises can be made. Guaranteed years of fun for the beginning, advanced and professional musician. To get off to a good start, Stefan van de Brug has made more than 2 hours of instructional videos with which a jump start can be made. Release your routines and create new unique rhythms and fills.

A podcast for the aspiring and professional musician of this and coming generation! Fine tuning is a fresh and healthy look at the Rock n Roll lifestyle. In the Finetuning podcast we talk about physical and mental health, creativity, inspiration, income, marketing and the up and downs of musicians.

Musicdott is an online web application for modern music schools and teachers available in EN / FR / DE / NL. It helps you as a teacher to make the lessons more fun, interactive and modern. You can connect your lessons, books or songs with your students. Give your students rewards and easily follow their progress. The Musicdott database saves you time, a lot of time. Time you can invest in your students. You write music notation for your lessons and songs only once and connect them with as many students as you want. Then, with an automated reward system, you reward your students for the progress they are making.