Drumschool Stefan van de Brug

Popradar Den Haag

Burgemeester Hovylaan 12

2552AW, Den Haag


Tel: 06-24199795


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About Me

I started teaching in my parents shed  when I was 15 years old and since 2010 I have my own drum school. Teaching has always been my greatest passion. Drumming is fantastic, but teaching is even more fun!

Currently I give more than 50 private lessons per week and I have been in the TOP 5 drum teachers of the Benelux for 5 years in a row according to the Slagwerkkrant and in 2015 I was even voted number 1 in the Benelux!

I not only have a huge passion for teaching, but also for learning! I have always had lessons from some of the best drummers in the Netherlands, flew to Ireland in 2017 to study with Mark Guiliana (including David Bowie), Mike Johnston (one of the world's best teachers) and Ash Soan (including Adele) , Seal) and in 2018 to Germany for a weekend Drumteachers Camp with the one and only Benny Greb.

I never forget what it's like to learn new things and keep challenging myself, I know very well how students feel in my lessons!

In addition to giving drum lessons, I released my own drum method, TINYRHYTHMBOX in 2018, and together with Oscar Knijff I launched an online platform, Musicdott, to support music lessons and music schools online. My passion for learning and health is also expressed in my Podcast for musicians, The Finetuning Podcast.

Music and live